I did these Saturday afternoon. Killed me. I try to do these at least 3 times a week as supplementary exercises on Chest and Back days. Today was Chest for me so I did a set of 5 on each arm and then a set of 3 on each arm…killed me LOL.

bootcamp motivation (or how to kick your own ass)


If there’s one thing I’m really good at, it’s being critical. I have my own army sergeant shouting at me in my head, pushing me to keep going and stop whining. Even if I don’t whine to other people, if I’m complaining in my own head, that’s not allowed.

While I do enjoy reading and internalizing the positive motivational influences in my life, sometimes I need a good mental asskicking to get things done. Especially if it falls in the category of “important, but not urgent” activities (quadrant 2 activities to those familiar with 7 Habits).


Whenever there’s something I feel I should do, something I feel will be good for me or others, and I don’t do it because of my fear of failure, I tell myself:

This hesitation, this inaction, THIS right here—is the difference between why successful people enjoy the success they want and why I don’t have the success I want.

I tell myself, this is why I’m not successful right now, this is why I am not getting the success I want. The people who earned their success just wanted it more badly than I do and that’s why they got it and why I haven’t. 

I bottomline whether I took action or didn’t take action. Like most people, I’ve grown very good at coming up with excuses of why I choose to do something or don’t. I do give myself a break as long as I feel I’m being realistic, but “I had a long day at work” stops being so convincing if I use it several days in a row. 

I tell myself, laziness is a choice, and by choosing laziness I am essentially CHOOSING not to succeed. It feels so natural to just blame everything around me for everything wrong in my life. But in the end, the life is mine to live, and at the end of the day, I am always the one living it. Not doing what it takes to succeed means I consciously choose to not succeed. 


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